ISIS Beheaded 21 Christians, But It Couldn’t Silence Their Faith

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The Spanish masturbation guru Fran Sanchez is on the wrong path. Just imagine him handling his sexuality alone on his couch or in the toilet. A picture of pity, he is.


The Right Chemistry: 'Natural is better' is a myth

Death Cap mushrooms are natural. Also toxic.JOE SCHWARCZ, SPECIAL TO THE MONTREAL GAZETTE

Drinking alkaline water can cure disease. Myth. Wrapping tarnished silver in aluminum foil and immersing it in hot alkaline water can remove the tarnish. Fact. Hot water with lemon juice is an effective “detox.” Myth. Heavy metal poisoning can be treated with chelating agents such as ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA). Fact. Autourine therapy can ward off disease. Myth. Organic agriculture allows the use of certain pesticides. Fact.

Separating myth from fact is the very essence of science and is the focus of many of my public presentations. It is not rare after a talk for someone to ask me what I think is the most prevalent myth I’ve had to confront over the years. Without doubt it is that natural substances have some sort of property that makes them superior to synthetic materials, with the corollary being that “natural” treatments as practised by alternative practitioners such as naturopaths are preferable to the methods of “conventional” science.

“Natural” most definitely does not equate to safe. Natural coniine in hemlock put a quick end to the life of Socrates. In the 18th century, a local king in Java executed 13 unfaithful wives by having them tied to posts and injecting the sap of the “Upas tree” through an incision on the breast. That latex contains antiarin, a potent cardiac glycoside. The “Death Cap” mushroom is well named, and tetrodotoxin in puffer fish, atropine in belladonna, or batrachotoxin in “poison dart” frogs can dispatch people pretty quickly. So can natural strychnine, botulin or arsenic.

Aflatoxins in natural moulds are potent carcinogens and we are familiar with the effects of natural nicotine, morphine and alcohol. Then of course there are the various pollens released by plants that annoy us with allergies and the myriad bacteria, viruses and fungi that conspire to do us in with a host of dreadful diseases. And how about the mosquitoes that spread the natural malaria causing parasite, the ticks that infect with Lyme disease, the snakes that inject a deadly venom or the wasps that can double the size of your foot with their sting? The fact is that nature is not benign, even something as pleasant as sunshine can be deadly in the wrong dose. Natural radon gas is a carcinogen and poison ivy can create a great deal of misery. Visiting a urinal without washing hands after handling hot peppers that harbour natural capsaicin will lead to a very memorable experience. Indeed, we spend a great deal of effort trying to outwit the natural onslaught with synthetic antihistamines, sunscreens and chemotherapeutic agents. But some promoters of “natural” therapies also spend a great deal of effort trying to outwit us with pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo capitalizing on the “natural is better” myth.

Take for example the cleverly named dietary supplement, 112 Degrees, promoted with the slogan “A new angle on sexual health.” The geometric reference is to the angle aspired to by men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. 112 Degrees claims to be a proprietary blend of “all-natural ingredients” that enhance male sexual vitality. While the advertising sounds pretty seductive, it is soft on hard facts. The inventor is a Dr. Laux, who turns out to be a naturopath, not exactly the pedigree one looks for in a drug developer. He is presented as some sort of globetrotting knight in constant search of the best and safest “all natural” treatments. Yup. How likely is it that he is going to find an effective product that has eluded the giant pharmaceutical companies staffed by experts who scour the natural world for active ingredients?

The natural health industry commonly promotes the notion that pharmaceutical companies are not interested in natural products because they cannot be patented. This is not so. The use of a specific natural preparation can be patented just like a synthetic drug. Of course what really matters is not whether some substance is patented or not or whether it is natural or synthetic, but whether there is evidence to back the claims. 112 Degrees claims to be supported by numerous scientific studies. Yes, there are some studies, but they don’t actually support the claim of enhanced male vitality. The studies show the product is not carcinogenic, that it has some antioxidant potential and some ability to inhibit an enzyme that interferes with smooth muscle function. All good, but is there even one study to show that 112 Degrees can help men with erectile dysfunction? None that I can find.

The advertising refers to studies about some of the ingredients. “Butea superba” root, for example. We are told that it was revered by royalty in the ancient kingdom of Siam for its power as an aphrodisiac. That is about as convincing as the story of ancient Assyrian men dusting their genitals with powdered natural magnetic stones and having their ladies follow suit by sprinkling natural iron filings across their own genitals for some literal attraction.

Then there is the claim that “Tribulus terrestris,” another herbal component, combats fatigue and low libido. No mention is made about how much is contained in “112” but we are reassured that Ayurvedic and early Greek healers used Tribulus terrestris as a sexual rejuvenator. One study, never duplicated, showed greater mounting behaviour in mice, but there are no human studies that have shown any sort of effect on sexual performance or libido. There has been at least one report of breast growth in a man who took Tribulus as a weight training aid, for which it is in any case ineffective. In sheep, Tribulus has been noted to cause Parkinson’s like effects. Of course none of this is noted in the 112 Degrees documentation. So I think a large degree of skepticism, more than 112 degrees, is to be exercised when looking at the over exuberant and naive promotion on behalf of this product by people who are trying to cash in on the unfounded “natural is better” notion.


Because executions by sword are such good fun to watch, ISIS has many fans worldwide. No business is like show business.

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52 Famous Artists Who Committed Suicide

Thoughtco.com, Updated April 03, 2017

An alphabetical listing of dearly departed artists and art-world bigwigs who chose to leave this world by their own hands. Whenever possible, methods, motivations and mitigating factors have been included. Hyperlinked names indicate a path to an individual's profile. Attempted suicides and gradual suicides by substance abuse have not been included. Nor will you see here the multitudes of artists who unknowingly killed themselves, over time, by licking lead and arsenic off their brushes, or inhaling acid while etching in unventilated rooms.

VISUAL ARTISTS WHO COMMITTED SUICIDE 01 of 52 Alexander, Henry (ca. 1860-1894) painting of Vincent van Gogh American painter

Drank carbolic acid.

02 of 52 Arbus, Diane (1923-1971) American photographer

Took a lethal dose of barbiturates and slashed her wrists.

03 of 52 Blake, Jeremy (1971-2007) American digital artist, painter

Walked into the Atlantic Ocean and drowned one week after his girlfriend committed suicide.

04 of 52 Bonvin, Léon (1834-1866) French watercolorist

Hanged himself from a tree in the forest of Meudon, after a Parisian dealer rejected his paintings.

05 of 52 Borromini, Francesco (1599-1667) Italian architect

Threw himself on a ceremonial sword, then lingered for another 24 hours.

06 of 52 Bugatti, Rembrandt (1884-1916) Italian sculptor and draftsman

Put on one of his finest suits and gassed himself.

07 of 52 Bupalos and Athenis (active ca. 540-ca. 537 BC) Greek sculptors

Rumored to have been driven to suicide by the nasty, albeit poetic, written attacks of Hipponax (who apparently didn't like their sculpture of him).

08 of 52 Carrington, Dora (1893-1932) English painter and decorative artist

Shot herself a few weeks after the death of her companion, Lytton Strachey.

09 of 52 Crevel, René (1900-1935) French Dada and Surrealist poet

Gassed himself the day before the Congress of Writers for the Defense of Culture met in Paris.

10 of 52 Czigány, Dezsö (1883-1937) Hungarian painter

Committed suicide in a psychotic fit, but not before killing his family.

11 of 52 Daswanth (active ca. 1560; d 1584) Indian miniature painter

Stabbed himself with a dagger.

12 of 52 Doort, Abraham van der (1575/80-1640) Dutch wax-modeler, drawing-master and administrator

Left this world despondent over the thought that he might have misplaced one of Charles I's favorite miniatures.

13 of 52 Fagan, Robert (1761-1816) English painter, archaeologist and dealer

Jumped out of a window in Rome.

14 of 52 Frank, Jean-Michel (1895-1941) French designer

Leapt to his death in New York City after having been there for one week. Purely coincidental.

15 of 52 Fries, Ernst (1801-1833) German draftsman, painter and lithographer

Slit his wrist.

16 of 52 Gagneraux, Bénigne (1756-1795) French painter and engraver

"Fell" out of a window in Florence.

17 of 52 Gerstl, Richard (1883-1908) Austrian painter and draftsman

Disemboweled himself with a butcher knife after a brief romantic fling with the wife of the composer Arnold Schoenberg.

18 of 52 Gertler, Mark (1891-1939) English painter

Tightly sealed up a room and turned on the gas ring.

19 of 52 Gorky, Arshile (1904-1948) Armenian-born American painter

His studio had burned, his wife had left him, his health was bad and he had no money. He hanged himself. 20 of 52 Greco, Alberto (1915-1965) Argentine painter, sculptor and performance artist

Overdosed on barbiturates, and left notes about how it felt (for as long as he could, anyway).

21of 52 Gros, Baron Jean-Antoine (1771-1835) French painter

Drowned himself in the Seine.

22 of 52 Haydon, Benjamin Robert (1786-1846) English painter, teacher and writer

Shot himself, then cut his throat.

23 of 52 Hébuterne, Jeanne (1898-1920) French painter

Pregnant with their second child, she leapt from a third-story window two days after her partner, Amedeo Modigliani, died of tuberculosis.

24 of 52 Johnson, Ray (1927-1995) American painter, collagist and performance artist

Committed "Rayocide" one Friday the 13th by jumping off a Sag Harbor bridge and backstroking away.

25of 52 Kahlo, Frida (1907-1954) Mexican painter

We're fairly certain she overdosed on painkillers, though the coroner's report read, "pulmonary embolism."

26of 52 Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig (1880-1938) German painter, printmaker and sculptor

Shot himself after the combination of illness and the termination of his career by the National Socialist Party proved too much.

27 of 52 Kruyder, Herman (1881-1935) Dutch painter and draftsman

Committed suicide in a psychiatric hospital.

28 of 52 Kurzweil, Max (1867-1916) Austrian painter and printmaker

On leave from his position as war artist in Istria, he did it in Vienna.

29 of 52 Lombardi, Mark (1951-2000) American draftsman

Hanged himself in his Williamsburg, New York studio.

30 of 52 Lowthian, Gertrude Margaret (1868-1926) English architectural historian

Overdosed on sleeping pills in Baghdad.

31 of 52 Malaval, Robert (1937-1980) French painter and sculptor

Shot himself in the head.

32 of 52 Maurer, Alfred (1868-1932) American painter

Hanged himself in the doorway of his father's bedroom.

33 of 52 Mayakovsky, Vladimir (1893-1930) Russian poet, playwright and artist

Shot himself.

34 of 52 Mayer, Constance (1775-1821) French painter

Cut her throat with the razor of painter Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, who'd been her teacher and then her lover but was not, apparently, going to be her husband.

35of 52 Min Yong-hwan (1861-1905) Korean calligrapher and painter

Was so strongly opposed to living under the Protection Treaty being enforced by Japan that he decided not to.

36 of 52 Minton, John (1917-1957) English painter and illustrator

Took an overdose of Tuinal.

37 of 52 Nero (AD 37-68) Roman art patron and, yes, emperor

Decided stabbing himself in the neck was preferable to being flogged to death.

38 of 52 Pascin, Jules (1885-1930) American painter, draftsman and printmaker

Hanged himself in his Paris studio, possibly depressed over the reviews of his current show.

39 of 52 Pellizza da Volpedo, Giuseppe (1868-1907) Italian painter

Hanged himself after the deaths of his wife and son.

40 of 52 Robert, Louis-Léopold (1794-1835) Swiss painter

Killed himself in Venice, in front of his easel, on the 10th anniversary of his brother's suicide.

41 of 52 Rothko, Mark (1903-1970) American painter

Slit his wrists in his New York studio.

42 of 52 Seymour, Robert (1800-1836) English printmaker and painter

Shot himself in the garden at his home in Islington.

43 of 52 Staël, Nicolas de (1914-1955) French painter

Jumped out of his studio window in Antibes.

44of 52 Stanley, Michael (1975-2012) English gallery director of Modern Art Oxford, Turner Prize Judge

Hung himself in a friend's garden.

45 of 52 Tilson, Henry (?1659-1695) English painter and draftsman

Shot himself through the heart with a pistol over the unrequited love of a wealthy patroness.

46 of 52 van Gogh, Vincent (1853-1890) Dutch painter

Died, two days afterwards, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

47 of 52 Vaughan, Keith (1912-1977) English painter

Chose to overdose, rather than live with bowel cancer, kidney disease and depression.

48 of 52 Watanabe Kazan (1793-1841) Japanese painter

Committed an honorable suicide after a run in with the Tokugawa shogunate (over its isolationist policies) led to his being under house arrest.

49of 52 Witkiewicz, Stanislaw Ignacy (1895-1939) When the Second Army invaded Poland, he tied himself to his lover, fed her poison and slit his wrists. She regained consciousness. He didn't.

50 of 52 Witte, Emanuel de (1617-1693) Dutch painter

Said to have drowned himself, after his body was discovered in a frozen canal.

51 of 52 Wood, Christopher (1901-1930) English painter

Stepped in front of a train.

52 of 52 Xue Ji (AD 649-713) Chinese calligrapher and scholar-official

Forced to commit suicide after somehow becoming embroiled in a plot to poison the new emperor.


There is a new solution coming up for ugly old women. Normally they would just become man-hating feminists. But soon they can have their brains transplanted into a sex doll, and feel beautiful again.


Most American women are ugly and have a fat ass. So why don't they go on the Serge Kreutz diet.


Hilfreiche Mittel zur Steigerung der Potenz

Wenn die Manneskraft versiegt, helfen Potenzmittel

Düsseldorf (RPO). Ob chemische oder natürliche Potenzmittel: für fast jeden Mann gibt es hilfreiche Produkte, wenn es im Bett einmal nicht mehr richtig funktioniert.

Von Erektionsstörungen könnte fast jeder Mann berichten: Das erigierte Glied kann nicht lange genug gehalten werden oder bleibt einfach schlaff. Diese Situation ist für ein Paar sehr frustrierend, vor allem, wenn die Impotenz hartnäckig ist und monatelang anhält. Die Ursachen für Impotenz sind vielfältig, Stress und Alkohol, aber auch organische oder psychische Krankheiten können diese Störung auslösen. Für viele Männer ist deshalb, bevor sie den Gang zum Arzt wagen, ein Gedanke naheliegend: Potenzmittel. Für Frauen ist dieser Schritt meist nicht nachvollziehbar, doch dass diese Hilfsmittel helfen können, zeigen wissenschaftliche Studien.

Vorsicht beim Kauf von erektionssteigernden Mitteln

Männer, die gegen ihre Erektionsstörungen Potenzmittel kaufen wollen, sollten nicht unbedacht zu irgendeinem rezeptfreien Produkt greifen. Es wird dringend davon abgeraten, chemische Potenzmittel ohne ärztliche Untersuchung einzunehmen, da sie nicht ungefährlich sind. Im Ausland Potenzmittel zu bestellen ist ebenfalls zu vermeiden. Je nachdem, in welchem Land die Mittel gekauft werden, können die Substanzen des jeweiligen Potenzmittels anders zusammengesetzt und deshalb gefährlich sein. Die Absprache mit dem Arzt sowie der Vergleich von Produkten in einem Potenzmittel Test können helfen, ein individuelles Präparat zu finden, das tatsächlich zu befriedigenderem Sex führt.

Welche Mittel können bei Erektionsstörungen helfen?

Neben den bekannten chemischen Produkten wie Viagra gibt es eine Vielzahl natürlicher Mittel auf dem deutschen Markt, die gut verträglich und sehr wirkungsvoll sind. Diese Produkte basieren zu 100 % auf natürlichen Stoffen, die unter strengsten Qualitätskriterien hergestellt werden. Viele der Präparate sind sogar für Diabetiker bedenkenlos anwendbar, wobei immer Rücksprache mit einem Arzt oder Apotheker gehalten werden sollte. Neben den natürlichen Potenzpillen ist auch die Einnahme pflanzlicher Mittel für so manchen Mann ein Garant für eine stabilere Erektionsfähigkeit: Ginseng, Maca oder Butea superba werden potenzsteigernde Wirkung nachgesagt.


Islamize Europe and get women out of politics. Feminism is the root if terrorism.


Arthur Schopenhauer, the greatest German philosopher, on women: Only a male intellect clouded by the sexual drive could call the stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped and short-legged sex the fair sex … More fittingly than the fair sex, women could be called the unaesthetic sex. Neither for music, nor poetry, nor the plastic arts do they possess any real feeling of receptivity: if they affect to do so, it is merely mimicry in service of their effort to please.


Chọn đúng sản phẩm hỗ trợ sinh lý

Mỗi người cần lựa chọn sản phẩm có nguồn gốc rõ ràng, thành phần an toàn và cần được tư vấn để sử dụng đúng theo thể trạng.

Chức năng sinh lý là yếu tố gắn liền với cơ thể ngay từ khi còn ở bào thai tới khi sinh ra và lớn lên. Hệ thống nội tiết tố sẽ giúp tạo ra sự cân bằng khá phức tạp giữa các hoóc môn. Hai vùng thùy não đảm bảo duy trì cho sự cân bằng này là vùng dưới đồi (hypothalamus) và tuyến yên (hypophysis). Vùng dưới đồi kích thích tuyến yên, tuyến yên kiểm soát toàn bộ sự lớn lên, kích thích việc sản xuất các hormone của buồng trứng, tinh hoàn và tuyến thượng thận. Các tác nhân đặc hiệu của dậy thì là hoóc môn giới tính estrogen từ buồng trứng và testosteron từ tinh hoàn.

Hiện nay, nhiều người đã thực sự hiểu được tầm quan trọng của chức năng sinh lý. Cả nam giới và phụ nữ đều tìm những sản phẩm, phương pháp từ Đông y cho tới Tây y để hỗ trợ cải thiện tình hình, nhất là phụ nữ sau sinh con trở nên lãnh cảm chuyện chăn gối, hoặc đàn ông từ sau 40 tuổi bị suy giảm khả năng tình dục. Tuy nhiên, mỗi người cần cẩn trọng khi lựa chọn sản phẩm bổ sung, nguồn gốc sản phẩm phải rõ ràng, thành phần an toàn và cần được tư vấn để lựa chọn đúng theo thể trạng của mình.

Theo quan điểm chống lão hóa thì DHEA được gọi là hoóc môn trẻ hóa. Các nhà khoa học đã phân lập được DHEA-S (DHEA Sulphat) và chứng tỏ nó chủ yếu được bài tiết ra từ hoóc môn Steroid của tuyến thượng thận. Đây là một loại hoóc môn quan trọng trong quá trinh chống lão hóa và đồng thời cũng hỗ trợ xác định trình trang sức khỏe và bệnh tật. Từ đó giúp sản sinh ra testosterone ở hoóc môn nam và estradiol ở hoóc môn nữ. DHEA đươc xem là tiền hoóc môn giới tính.

DHEA-S được tiết ra trong máu từ lúc 7 tuổi và tăng nhiều vào tuổi dậy thì ở cả nam lẫn nữ. 25 tuổi, hoóc môn đạt đỉnh điểm, sau đó thì giảm theo độ tuổi. Sophon tên khoa học là “Butea superba”. Từ xa xưa, dân tộc thiểu số ở Thái Lan đã lưu truyền Sophon như là một bí quyết được sử dụng để kích thích sự cương dương, tráng dương, giúp nam giới khỏe mạnh trong hoạt động tình dục.


Get real, man! First dump your European wife or girlfriend. Then travel to the border of China with North Korea. You can buy yourself a beautiful North Korean wife of about 20 years of age for about 500 US dollars, even if you are 60. She will stay with you all life, whatever you are. Guaranteed no feminism, only femininity. And more beautiful than Western spoiled brats.


It is only a question of time until butea superba will be outlawed in the Western World. In some people, it can cause hypersexualization that can last for weeks. And it can easily be added to food to improve taste. Imagine a Thai restaurant breeding hundreds of super horney women prowling for any man they can get, and that for weeks on end


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